Equipment for your Kitchen



Because all of our Temporary Kitchens are specifically designed and manufactured by us to be adaptable to our clients varied needs you can choose what equipment you need and the layout that you prefer.

We hold a stock of over 100 items of commercial catering equipment, if there are any items that you need but we do not stock we can source it for you.

If you are having a kitchen refurbishment we can always install some items of your own equipment.

Catering Equipment - LPG
LPG Catering Equipment. 
Hog Roast Machines, LPG Water Boilers, Electric Catering Urns, LPG Griddles, LPG Fryers
LPG Bain Marie, LPG Pie Warmer, LPG Gas Ovens, LPG Potato Oven, LPG Hobs
LPG Gas Chargrills, LPG Gas Salamander Grills.

Kitchen Equipment
Bain Maries, Bratt Pans, Burger Press, Cabinets, Canopies, Catering Urns, Char Grills, Chip Dump, Contact Grills, Cook Tops, Dishwashers, Fish Keepers, Food Processors, Fridges, Freezers, Fryers, Griddles, Grills, Heated Gantry, Hob Units, Hot Cupboards, Juicers, Microwaves, Mixers, Blenders, Whisks, Ovens, Panini Grills, Pasta Cookers, Pig Roast Machines, Plate Warmers, Potato Ovens, Prep Counters, Slicers, Stands, Thermometers, Water Boilers

Undercounter fridges and freezers, Full height fridges and freezers, display fridges, chilled display.

From small units to hooded and pass through units.

Convection Oven twin Basket Fryer 6 burner range oven
Bain Marie Hot Cupboard Large flat griddle
Water boiler Commercial microwave Parry Pie Warmer